I would recommend Vetter for anyone looking to upgrade to multiengine flying.
— Jacob K., Bellingham, WA; Multiengine Commercial

Recent Flight Students


If you’re looking to get quality multi-engine training at a low-cost and time efficient manner I highly recommend Vetters! Harold prepared me for my multi-engine checkride and did an excellent job. He is truly passionate about his job and students. I had a terrific time there as the Vetter’s run a professional and friendly operation and have been doing so for over 20 years. Their long time relationship with the FSDO and DPE is a big plus in their consistent and reliable training. 

— Burton C., San Francisco, CA; Multiengine Commercial Add-On

Vetter Aviation's multiengine program is quick and efficient. I got my commercial add-on with instrument privileges in three days of intensive flying and study. Harold did a great job getting me prepared for every aspect of the checkride. The Piper Apache is an old airplane, but kept in great condition. I would recommend Vetter for anyone looking to upgrade to multiengine flying. 

--Jacob K., Bellingham, WA; Multiengine Commercial Add-On

I've traveled to Vetter Aviation in Helena on separate occasions for both instrument and multiengine ratings.  Their prices are very affordable and the atmosphere very relaxed, which makes for an ideal place to learn.  In addition, their instructors have lots of real world experience to draw from, which makes the training a step above.  To top it all off,  nothing beats flying around beautiful Western Montana.

--Sam T., Arlington, WA; Multiengine Commercial Add-On

I was referred to Vetter’s through Aviation Mentorship on FB as no frills flight school. I've run into an issue with not being able to get a checkride date in CA so having it scheduled before I left to Montana was very important to me. I flew the Mooney for my training, it's a quirky airplane that took some time to get used to, even though I have low wing experience. It had lots of maintenance issues: alternator, magneto, and DG all in a week and a half. Things like these happen and the entire Vetter team had a great attitude about it. They tried their best to fix the issues as quickly and safely as possible. Jeff is a great A&P and did a great job. Harold was my instructor and I can't say enough about him. He was very encouraging and straight to the point with his teaching. Just like most Part 61 schools most of the learning is done outside the flight school and Harold was very knowledgeable with the areas I had questions with. The DPE set a relaxing comfortable tone for the checkride. He was fair, professional, and knowledgeable. I'll be going back to finish my commercial multi engine rating.

--Liz A., Long Beach, CA; ASEL  Commercial


I did my commercial multi-engine/instrument add-on with Vetter Aviation. My only complaint is I did not do my other ratings with them. First we'll start with price of the school.  It's probably one of the best prices you can get for renting an airplane and instruction. Second the instruction I received was top-notch. Harold is not an instructor to build time. He instructs for a living.  He was very calm, collected, and knowledgeable. When I went in for the checkride, Harold had me completely prepared. We had some weather while I was there and Harold completely changed his schedule to accommodate me (we even flew late Saturday evening and on Easter! I don’t know many flight instructors that would do that.) Now for the owners Brent and Rose Marie, they are very active in their business. They were there every day. I don't think they take days off. If something breaks on the airplane  Brent is the IA and I know he would drop what he was doing to make the airplane airworthy. He is a wealth of knowledge, I kept asking him questions about certain category, class, and type of different airplanes and he could talk hours about each one. He also has some great stories about general aviation. The office is very comfortable with couches, a kitchen, two classrooms, and plenty of space to spread out and spend the day. Also the examiner is available here in Montana. In California it is very difficult to get an  Examiner that is not booked out for a month minimum. I will be coming back from California to do my CFi and CFii with Vetter Aviation!

--Jimmy S., Oxnard, CA; Multiengine Commercial Add-On

50 words or less can not begin to describe the absolute wonderful instruction, training and friendship I received at Vetter Aviation. I was scheduled to fly several times a day and I completed my SEL instrument add-on to my commercial rating AND my commercial multi-engine rating in 8 days.

--Jordan A.,  Henderson, NV; Instrument Airplane and AMEL Commercial Add-On