Multiengine Flight Training


Vetter Aviation is an FAA Part 61 flight school located on the Helena Regional Airport in Helena, MT.  We offer multiengine flight training at all certificate levels from private through commercial,  instructor,  and airline transport pilot.



Multiengine flight training is provided in a Piper PA-23-150 Apache with 150 hp Lycoming o-320 engines.  The panel is fully equipped with VOR-DME, glide slope and ADF receivers capable of demonstrating instrument flight skills at all certificate levels.

Aircraft Specifications


Multiengine class ratings may be added to all levels of pilot certificates from private through commercial, instructor, and airline transport pilot.  Vetter Aviation also offers the option of initial private and commercial flight training in our multiengine aircraft.

Checkride Requirements


Pilots will learn the aerodynamics of multiengine  flight, and master the skills required to  fly light twins safely, including flight with one engine feathered and Vmc demonstrations.  Instrument pilots will demonstrate an approach with simulated one engine inoperative.

Flight Training References

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Vetter Aviation

Vetter Aviation has been providing professional flight instruction and general aviation aircraft maintenance in Helena, MT for over 20 years.


At Vetter Aviation, we are committed to helping you achieve your aviation career goals through year-round professional flight instruction at affordable rates.

--Brent Vetter


Certified Flight Instructor Trevor Stene from Missoula, MT is congratulated by Designated Pilot Examiner Bob Van Meter upon successful completion of his MEI checkride.